Uploading videos, grabbing its thumbnail and converting video to the format that is runnable on the web is now a days a popular source of increasing web site traffic online. One of the main example is which provides online videos sharing features.

I published my article about Media Handling on the web in real time using FFMPEG and this article helps a lot of web developers and i get a lot of emails from developers. Now in this article i will share knowledge about a component which will really help ASP.NET developers to handle videos on the web on real time. It's Media Handler Pro component introduced recently by . Media Handler Pro is a very fast and powerful encoding ASP.NET encoding component which can encode video from one format to another on the fly using ASP.NET, It is designed especially for Converting videos from any format to FLV format and grab its thumbnail in real time.

I used this component and its awesome.

Main Features included in Component:

  • Convert Videos from any format to FLV Format.
  • Set Meta - Information for FLV Video that flash player need for past play back.
  • Grab Thumbnail Image from FLV Video.
  • Extract Audio from Videos - Suitable for playing audio files , ringtones etc.
  • Convert Videos from any format to MPEG Format.

Examples :

Converting Video to FLV Format (VB.NET):

'// Create object of class Media_Handler.
Dim _mediahandler As New Media_handler()
'// Set Paths for input , output videos.
'// Set Root Path for input , output videos
Dim RootPath As String = Server.MapPath(Request.ApplicationPath)
'// Set Input Video Path.
Dim InputPath As String = RootPath & "/Default"
'// Set Output Video Path.
Dim OutputPath As String = RootPath & "/FLV"
'// Get filename and make it random in order to avoid duplication.
Dim filename As String = Guid.NewGuid().ToString().Substring(0, 10) & "" & video_upload.PostedFile.FileName.Remove(0, video_upload.PostedFile.FileName.LastIndexOf("."))
'// Upload video to input path.
video_upload.PostedFile.SaveAs(InputPath & "/" & filename)
'// After uploading convert uploaded video to flv.
Dim outfile As String = _mediahandler.Convert_Media(filename, RootPath, InputPath, OutputPath, 320, 240, 360, 25, 32, 22050)
'// Where outfile is the name of generated flv file name.

For more examples and sample codes please visit :

This component use FFMPEG and FLVTOOL in background for Video encoding and decoding. You must put FFMPEG and FLVTOOL in root of your web application in order to work this component properly. You can download FFMPEG and FLVTOOL from their official web sites or from .

Showing FLV Video on the Web

After successfully encoding of your Video into flv format, you can use any flash player to display this media on your web application like in